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Leviathan (2017)

Video installation Laviathan (2017), relates to some found hybrid objects which I picked up from the beach by the Dungeness Nuclear Power Station in Kent.


The pebble beach was very empty, with only some sea kales growing on the pebbles. Strong winds were blowing, and unused old boats and old nylon fishing nets were scattered from abandoned sheds. Because of the complete absence of people, the atmosphere was sad, surreal, and slightly post-apocalyptic, but it was somehow very beautiful too. I found these objects on the beach. They are a mixture of dried seaweed, shells with barnacles, nylon fivers of fishing nets, formed, perhaps, by strong wind and preserved, maybe, by the absence of humans.


These appeared to me like a hybrid natural/artificial monster. The objects are natural, and remind me of the power of the earth but also carry signs of industrialisation and technological advancement. This resonated with the natural/unnatural hybridity of the setting – a garden/beach very close to a Power station.






Art Action UK : Art and the Anthropocene (2017), Central Saint Martins, London

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