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11 03 2011  (2014)

Video Installation (W90 x D100 x H150 cm)
​Projected video, clock and human heartbeats, A3 photocopy prints for taking away


In this video installation, I presented still images taken with my mobile from my office, over the course of one year, and edited them to the beat of my heart. These images included those taken five hours after the East Japan Earthquake in Tokyo. Here, rhythms of life and perseverance were intertwined with pulses of destruction and fragility.


Previously, as a journalist of weeky news magazine, I had written about Fukushima but grew frustrated because of the inability of words and of science to grasp the complexity of human sentiment and to reflect the “truth”

The print on yellow paper is taken from an article which I published about the Annual Shareholders' meetings of TEPCO - the corporate owner of Fukushima Nuclear Power Station. I deleted all the words and left only numbers – the nuance of the written word replaced by the clinical precision of the numeral.

11 03 2011(2014年)

ビデオ・インスタレーション(W90 x D100 x H150 cm)




黄色い紙に印刷されたものは、福島原子力発電所の企業オーナーである東京電力の株主総会を取材した私が出版した記事からの引用だが、すべての言葉は削除し、数字だけ残した。 書き言葉のニュアンスは数字の客観的・分析的な精密さによって置き換えられた。 

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