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Chimera (2018-2020) 

The chimera is both a biological organism containing a mixture of genetically different tissues, and something hoped for but illusory. In my work, it is at once a manifestation of pseudo- scientific possibility and symbiotic hybridity, as well as a reflection of an ideal that may or may not be attainable.  This short film seeks to uncover the disconcerting tension that lies in the hybridity of the chimera’s disparate elements. It invites the viewer to consider the power, as encapsulated in the chimera, of the symbiotic relationship between life and death, the synthetic and the organic, the natural and the unnatural, the human and the non-human.

I found these “chimeras” by the beach by the Dungeness Nuclear Power Station in Kent. From a viewing position close to the ground, in a room partly illuminated by the synthetic light of projectors, the viewer sits on cushions made from natural green/yellow tatami mats given by a traditional tea ceremony house in my home town of Hiroshima for 400 years.

The presentation of these hybrid objects is accompanied by the recording of a live performance ‘The King of a Hundred Streams’ in Bristol on 25 March 2018, on which I collaborated with the sound artist, Ben Kelly/Aboutface. For this performance, I recited a selection of poems from Lao Tzu in both Japanese and English, and dropped ink into a water tank connected to sensors that triggered the circuitry of synthesisers to produce sounds when the ink was dropped. The performance sought to propose two scenarios of the future: how increased automation and technological advancement may lead to conversational utopia, or may lead to the decline of the ecological environment.

This work was shortlisted for the TENT Academy Awards 2018 . It was screened in Kino cinema in Rotterdam on 8 September 2018, and was exhibited at TENT Rotterdam.

Chimera (キメラ)(2018-2020年)




これら混合物のプレゼンテーションはイギリス・ブリストルで2018年3月25日にサウンド・アーティストのベン・ケリー/Aboutfaceとのコラボレーションで行った即興演奏「The King of a Hundred Streams」での録音をともなっている。私は老子の『道徳経』から選んだ詩を日本語と英語で朗読し、シンセサイザーの回路を引き金にして音を発するセンサーと接続された水槽の中に青、黒、銀のインク、そしてプラスチックごみを落とし音を出すパフォーマンスを行った。

この作品は毎日新聞 2018年11月1日付の朝刊で紹介された。[毎日新聞コピー] [オンライン版] 


 'Chimera' installation view at The Crypt Gallery, London (24 - 26 July 2018).
This Crypt of St Pancras Parish Church was designed and used for coffin burials from 1822 to 1854,  the end of Industrial Revolution in England.

「キメラ」インスタレーション風景、クリプトギャラリー、ロンドン (2018年7月24-26日)


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